Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Logs Salvaged from the 2002 Biscuit Fire

Douglas Fir Logs Salvaged
from the 2002 Biscuit Fire

Our primary product at East Fork Lumber Company are timbers, any size up to 40′, from our Douglas Fir logs.

We specialize in #1 and Btr, FOHC (Free of Heart Center) timbers.

We also produce a wide range of clear material for boat building and fine woodworkers, everything from musical instruments to the finest doors, windows, wood trim and details.

We also offer a wide range of construction material for the do it yourselfer, farmer, and contractors.

Sustainably Harvested

Most of East Fork Lumber Company’s logs come from trees salvaged from our public lands.

Over 70% of the land in Southwestern Oregon is public land and nearly 100% of it is forested. East Fork Lumber is able to sustain its logs supply by harvesting a small percentage of dead trees in our national forests.

Qualities of Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a reddish brown wood with a straight, pronounced grain used. Hard, dense, and straight with excellent strength, it is the go-to choice for building and construction. These same qualities make Douglas Fir ideal for arches and beams, and ship and boat construction.

Attracted by the natural beauty of the wood and good machining properties, cabinet makers and finish carpenters increasingly are using Douglas Fir for furniture, cabinets, doors, flooring and more.