Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar logs

Port Orford Cedar

We offer a full line of Port Orford Cedar products for exterior use including decking, railings, trim, fencing, siding, and boards.

East Fork Lumber takes great care in trying to produce the finest wood products from its supply of Port Orford Cedar logs. Our goal is to ensure sure that the finest logs are used for those projects that demand the finest wood.

If you are looking for Port Orford Cedar wood for your special project, it is possible that we can make it for you. Please contact our sales department »

Qualities of Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar, also know as “Oregon Cedar”, is our favorite wood. This strong and durable wood is beautiful and can used for many types of wood products.

The Port Orford Cedar grows only in a small area in Southern Oregon and Northern California. East Fork Lumber harvests our logs from carefully managed lands here in Oregon, Native America timber lands, and hopefully, someday, from our public lands.

Port Orford Cedar has a special following in Oregon and around the globe. It is known widely and fondly by the Japanese, for its unique properties, fine color, and similarity to their native Honoki cypress. Boatbuilders, architects, and fine woodworkers have long appreciated of Port Orford cedar for its strength, fine texture, durability to the elements, and the ease of working with it.

You’ll find Port Orford cedar used as aircraft plywood, in high quality boats, stringed instrument sound-boards, arrow shafts, veneer, and countless applications where fine texture and straight grain are desired. Its durability, weather, rot and natural insect resistance make it ideal for outdoor projects such as siding, decking and outdoor furniture.