East Fork Lumber Company

East Fork Lumber Company, a family owned sawmill in Myrtle Point, Oregon, specializes in Port Orford Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir lumber.

  • Salvage Timber & Specialty Wood Products
  • Custom Lumber Cut to Order
  • Wide choice of size and grade – up to 40′ long
  • Delivery Nationwide and Overseas
view from East Fork Lumber Company

Our small sawmill, located in the Coquille Valley of Southwestern Oregon, is surrounded by some of the most beautiful, unique and productive Forests in the world. It is from this abundant natural resource that East Fork Lumber Company strives to produce the finest timber products in the world for our customers.

We manufacture timber products from all the Oregon local species but specialize in Port Orford Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. Our customers use our lumber for boat building, musical instruments and fine woodworking as well as for home-building and construction.

If you are having trouble finding specialty lumber for your project, please contact us. It is possible that we can make it for you.

East Fork Lumber is dedicated to the idea that local manufacturing of local natural resources can promote social and economic health for our local rural people and the environment.